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Audi has got to have one of the best told automobile stories in history. With Audi being one of the oldest Automobile Manufacturers in Germany it truly has a great story to tell to the world. The 4 rings that symbolize who Audi is today actually originated from 4 previous independent manufacturers who were Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer. All of these manufacturers are who make up AUDI AG today.


What Drives Audi

What truly drives an Audi? Audi has had an all wheel drive system that has been getting closer to perfection with every update. The All Wheel Drive system is called Quattro which in Italian means "4".  Audi's Quattro system was first used in 1980 on a vehicle named Quattro which was Audi's first Rally Racing Vehicle. Audi's Quattro system is not your typical all wheel drive system. While most AWD vehicles use electronics to control their vehicles, Audi continues to use a mechanical Limited Slip Differential a Torsen Differential. This is a much more reliable system than the new electronic systems that other car manufacturers are using. Although this method is more expensive it works loads better.


Audi Design

Do you want to be in a car that makes you feel luxurious? Do you want to fee like you know the designer didn't skimp out on details? If you answered yes to any of those questions then an Audi may be the answer for you. Audi Design has never been about trying to be cost effective but more about how to make the driver and passengers as comfortable as possible, even if it means losing for us. Check our our inventory of used audis to experience luxury and quality.


Why Buy an Audi?

There are so many reasons why you should leave your current car and quickly get into a beautiful Audi. Even if you are looking at an Audi that is a couple years old it is still a great vehicle. Because Audi is always ahead of the competition in technology and comfort then a used Audi may still be a great option and have all the features a newer car will have. We urge you to check out our inventory today. We are located near Pittsburgh PA so definitely give us a call today!


Available Audi Features


  • Super Charged or Turbo Charged Engines
  • Six-speed manual or DSG Transmissions
  • 5 Star Crash Rating
  • Adaptive LED Lights
  • Great Mileage


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